Make a Big Noise for Playday

2:00pm Wednesday 5 August

Big Playday events aren’t being held this year. So, we need your help to celebrate Playday in your community.

We are calling on families, carers, and communities across the UK to join the celebration of play from your doorsteps and clap, cheer, bang pots and pans, and generally Make a Big Noise for Playday at 2:00pm on Wednesday 5 August.


Download a postcard to share with your neighbours to help spread the word so everyone can get involved in Make a Big Noise for Playday.

Download a Playday poster to colour in your windows, to show support for every child’s right to play.

Adnoddau Cymraeg / Welsh resources

Adnoddau Cymraeg i gefnogi Gwneud Sŵn Mawr dros Ddiwrnod Chwarae:

Lawrlwytho cerdyn post

Lawrlwytho poster Diwrnod Chwarae