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All to play for this Playday

Today, Wednesday 3 August, is national Playday. This day dedicated to play is celebrated across the UK with children, families and communities coming together to enjoy a day of fun.

This year, the campaign theme All to Play For, highlights the importance of building play opportunities for all children. Play happens everywhere, every day, and is the right of every child and young person.

  • Play is essential for children and young people’s physical and mental health.
  • Play allows children and young people to make friends, develop relationships, and have fun together.
  • Play enables children and young people to feel connected to their communities, leading to happier communities for all.
  • Play has an important role in helping children and young people cope with stress and anxiety, deal with challenges, and make sense of what’s happening around them.

We’re calling for more play, better play, every day! Playday encourages families, communities, and organisations large and small, to consider how they can build better opportunities for all children to play. Following two years of restrictions across the UK and the challenges children and young people have faced, play is more important than ever!

Mike Greenaway, Director of Play Wales said:

“It’s great seeing Playday events, big and small, returning across Wales and the rest of the UK today. After the challenges of the last two and a half years, as a society, we need more than ever to recognise and value that every child has a right to have the freedom to play – not just on Playday, but every day of the year.

Children have a limitless potential to be imaginative and to think creatively – it’s what they are doing when they are playing. It could not be more obvious that we need to give children more opportunities to play everywhere, every day. Join us today and throughout the school holidays and beyond to give children time to play. The more voices that call together with us to uphold children’s right to play, the louder and stronger our message will be.”

Marguerite Hunter Blair, Chief Executive Officer, Play Scotland said:

“Play Scotland is thrilled to be supporting Playday activities across Scotland this year. The theme this year of ‘All to Play For’ reflects the urgency around providing a summer full of outdoor play and fun for all children and families.

In a recent survey for Playday, three quarters of families who responded told Play Scotland that the restrictions of the past few summers has meant that many of their children and young people have missed out on socialising face to face and enjoying active, outdoor play opportunities in the summer holidays. Families also said that the cost-of-living crisis is limiting their ability to support these essential activities.

We are delighted to see so many outdoor events being organised in parks, gardens and local streets and look forward to joining thousands of children, carers and families in celebrating Playday 2022.”

Anita Grant, Chair of Trustees, Play England said:

“We are proud to be supporting Playday this year with the theme ‘All to Play For’. It has never been more vital for children to get out and re-engage with their world.

We are encouraging everyone to get out and play:

  • Go to a fun place and chill out! Be available for your kids so they feel safe and can make their own choices.
  • Give freedom to your child without your own worries – let them work it out themselves. 
  • Join in with the fun too but in a way that doesn’t restrict your child. Test your boundaries by giving your child more space and enjoy the adventure.
  • Research what’s on and where you can go locally. You don’t have to pay an entrance fee to have a good time. Are there local parks you haven’t been to? Are there woods nearby you could go and explore?

By playing, you and your child will grow in confidence, re-engage with the environment, build resilience, recover from over two years of restriction and isolation, and improve your mental health.”

Alan Herron, Chief Executive Officer, PlayBoard NI said:

“Playday is the highlight of our calendar and an opportunity to shine a light on the central role play has in the healthy development of children and young people. We encourage families and communities to enjoy time together playing outdoors on 3 August. Quality opportunities for children to play are essential and we are delighted to see the support for Playday across the UK.”

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For more information, please contact:

Play England’s Chair of Trustees, Anita Grant – 020 7607 9637 / 075 0789 2030.

Play Scotland’s Chief Executive, Marguerite Hunter Blair – 077 9595 4856.

Play Wales’s Communications Manager, Angharad Wyn Jones – 029 2048 6050 / 07376 427556

PlayBoard Northern Ireland’s Senior Marketing & Communications Officer, Maria McBride – 028 9080 3380 / 074 2345 6190.


About Playday
Playday is the national day for play, traditionally held on the first Wednesday in August. As well as an annual celebration of children’s right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children’s lives. Playday is coordinated by Play England, Play Wales, Play Scotland and PlayBoard Northern Ireland. www.playday.org.uk

About Play England
Play England campaigns for all children to have the freedom and space to play throughout childhood. As the national organisation for children’s play, Play England works with all those who have an impact on children’s lives to support and champion play as an essential part of childhood. www.playengland.org.uk

About Play Wales
Play Wales is the national charity for children’s play in Wales. We provide advice, support and guidance for all those in Wales who have a concern or responsibility for any environment where children and young people might play. Play Wales upholds children’s right to play. All children are entitled to quality play provision within their communities and we work strategically to achieve this goal on their behalf. www.playwales.org.uk

About Play Scotland
Play Scotland is the lead organisation for the development and promotion of children and young people’s play in Scotland. We work strategically to make the child’s right to play a reality so that all children can reach their full potential and be able to confidently inhabit an inclusive public realm, as well as help shape child friendly communities. www.playscotland.org

About PlayBoard Northern Ireland
PlayBoard is the lead organisation for the development and promotion of children and young people’s play in Northern Ireland. Play is fundamental to a healthy, happy childhood and PlayBoard is committed to supporting children and young people’s play through a combination of service delivery and development, campaigning and lobbying, research, evaluation and awareness raising, and promoting best practice in Play and Playwork.

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