Wet and windy playday

We hope August will be sunny and cheerful, but if the rain decides to set in, don’t let this to damper your mood. Come rain or shine, make sure you come out to play!

Here are some water themed ideas to get you going:

Water + mud = the great mud pie contest

Water + snorkels = who says you need the seaside?

Water + vocal chords
= how many rainy rhymes can you come up with?

Water + washing up liquid + tarpaulin = water slide madness

Water + wellies = puddle stomping fun and wellie wanging

Water + balloons + super soakers = you can’t get wetter!

Water + sponges = anyone for a torrential tag?

Top tips:

  • bin bags make great rain macs
  • ask your local radio station to invite their listeners to your rainy day extravanza
  • ask your local stores to donate umbrellas or gazebos
  • tell parents in advance to prepare for wet weather
  • a lot of the forecasts are for both sun and showers – don’t forget the sun cream!
  • don’t forget outdoor fun beats rainy days indoor boredom every time!

Keep up to date with forecasts – but remember even weather forecasters sometimes get it wrong…!