2010 opinion poll

Figures released for Playday 2010 revealed that the loss of community spirit in Britain was leading to children not being allowed to play outside where they live.

An ICM survey commissioned by Play England, found that 79% of adults believe community spirit has weakened since they were a child. This is compounded by the fact that nearly half of men (44%) and 28% of women would be wary to help a child in need of assistance in their neighbourhood, in case they were suspected of attempting to abduct the child.

The research also found that 47% of adults think it is unsafe for children to play out without supervision, and that 1 in 3 (37%) parents are concerned they will be judged by their neighbours if they let their children play out unsupervised.

71% of children worry about being followed or taken by strangers, but despite evident fears, nearly three quarters of children (73%) say they would like to play out more where they live.

The research demonstrates a resounding call for communities to pull together to create better places for children to grow up, with a belief that improving opportunities for children to play outside would improve neighbourhoods in general. 81% of adults believe children playing outside helps to improve community spirit and 70% think that it makes an area more desirable to live in.

Download the Playday 2010 research reports:

Playday 2010 opinion poll summary [95KB]

Making it our place – communities talk about play [371KB]

Community play – a literature review [543KB]