2014 media release

About Play England

Play England is part of the leading national children’s charity NCB, and campaigns for all children to have the freedom and space to play throughout childhood. As the national organisation for children’s play, Play England works with all those who have an impact on children’s lives to support and champion play as an essential part of childhood. For further information or to talk to a spokesperson, call 020 7843 6300 or visit www.playengland.org.uk.

About Play Wales

Play Wales is the national charity for children’s play in Wales. We provide advice, support and guidance for all those in Wales who have a concern or responsibility for any environment where children and young people might play. Play Wales upholds children’s right to play. All children are entitled to quality play provision within their communities and we work strategically to achieve this goal on their behalf. For further information visit www.playwales.org.uk.

About Play Scotland

Play Scotland was formed in 1998 to make the child’s right to play a reality in Scotland. The work of Play Scotland is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and in particular Article 31: “States Parties recognise the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.” Play Scotland’s mission is:To increase awareness of the importance of play to the development of children and young people in Scotland; To ensure that all children and young people in Scotland have equal access to diverse and quality play opportunities that meet their individual need.  For further information on Play Scotland visit www.playscotland.org or Email: info@playscotland.org

About PlayBoard Northern Ireland

PlayBoard is the leading agency for the development and promotion of children and young people’s play in Northern Ireland. To this end, the organisation provides a range of innovative services designed to strengthen service delivery through advice, support, training and tailored provision

PlayBoard’s work is concentrated and prioritised within a framework of ‘equity, diversity and interdependence’ (EDI), and is consistent with the ethos of human rights, social justice and social inclusion. For further information on PlayBoard visit www.playboard.org or Email: lisa.oconnor@playboard.co.uk