Last minute tips

If it’s getting close to national Playday, don’t worry! There’s still time to make plans to celebrate children’s right to play. Check out the tips below for inspiration.

1. Party in the park

You can create a mini Playday party at your local park, this can be a field or a playground, remember to invite your friends, family and neighbours and bring along a picnic. If you’re heading to a public park, take along balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops and water balloons!

2. Nature spot walk

There’s so much to discover about nature through play, do your own exploring and see the possibilities for yourself. How many different trees can you name and climb? Do you know all your flowers and can you make your own perfume? Can you spot and draw different butterflies and birds? Go as a group to your nearest woodland or forest and witness what nature has to offer!

3. Playing with loose parts

This couldn’t be any simpler and can be done at home. Normal household items can be turned into anything with a bit of imagination, your household play kit might consist of: flour and water for some messy play, cardboard boxes and old sheets for den building, newspaper and wallpaper paste for silly sculptures, old clothes and hats for dressing up, potatoes and paints to make your own stamps, pots and pans for music making! Invite your neighbourhood kids, your children’s friends and see what their imaginations can come up with!

4. Backyard play

The possibilities of fun in your backyard are almost infinite – just think sand, water, mud! Dig a dirt pile and add some water to create a mud kitchen or even a mud city. Design and create your own play workstation simply by utilising what’s already there, logs and buckets.

5. Paint, draw, scribble

Let the kids express themselves with arts and crafts! Use old sheets for painting with hands and feet, chalks for some outdoor arty action, and pens and pencils for some classic doodling! Take your art activities to the park with a picnic and lots of water to clean up and play with afterwards!