Media resources

Playday offers local, regional and national media some fantastic opportunities to run features focusing on children and communities.

Media resources

Each year, Playday creates a massive amount of media coverage. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to run a feature focussing on children and the local community, or want to address the wider issues affecting children’s play, the Playday team is on hand to help.

If you’re writing a feature

Check out the findings of past Playday research to help you find an angle. In the past, we’ve published a comprehensive body of research to support the campaign on the following subjects:

Nature play

Street play

Risky play

Community play

Time for play

To talk through your ideas and set up an interview or get a comment from an expert spokesperson contact us.

If you’re covering a local event

Visit the online event directory to find out what’s happening locally. Hundreds of events take place across the UK every year for Playday, which means there’s bound to be one near you!

What we can offer

We can provide lots of support to help you get the best out of Playday, including:

  • Feature ideas and copy
  • Logos and photos
  • Case studies and spokespeople

Please contact us to talk through your requirements.

Social media

Playday has an active presence on social media. Like us on Facebook and follow Playday on Twitter to share information about your Playday events, and find out what’s going on around the UK,