Everyday play

Looking for ways you can get out and play today? Play Scotland has produced these brilliant tips to help more children and their families have everyday adventures.

Download get_out_and_play_ideas [939KB PDF]

Build a den

Play in the rain

Make a mud pie or, if near a beach, build sandcastles

Climb a tree

Make a daisy chain or a grass trumpet (find a wide, strong piece of grass; this should be about the length of your finger. Hold the grass between your thumbs and blow through the grass like you are blowing out a candle)

Roll down a grassy hill

Skim a stone

Everyday play 2Explore – hunt for bugs or, if you are near a beach, hunt for crabs

Swing on a rope or tyre swing

Make and fly a kite

Play hide ‘n’ seek

Make a fire without using matches (make sure an adult is present) then roast marshmallows

Learn how to do a handstand and a cartwheel

Have a wheelbarrow or 3-legged race with your friends

Make a walkie talkie (use two large paper cups, pierce a small hole in each base and thread string through each end. To use, take one cup each, ensure string is pulled tight and in a straight line.. talk into your cup and the other person can place theirs to their ear to hear you)

Messy play – paint using sponges, hands, fingers and even your feet! have spaghetti play, blow bubbles, chalk on a pavement. For more ideas download Play Scotland’s Messy Play book!